Aditi Pandya

I have worked in analytics, consulting, product and market research space for 17+ years with large, mid, and start-up companies.
I have been instrumental in the growth of early-stage companies. I have built companies from zero to 1000+ size. Worked with the leadership teams on improving team performance and create a winning culture.
I have cofounded Geeksonfeet and built communities, products, and Go To Market strategies.
Consult with me for solutions to these problem statements.

My Strengths

  • Building early-stage growth companies

  • Nurturing the growth of startups in their initial stages

  • Fostering a culture of high-performance

  • Building communities


On Product Development

Co-founded and growing Geeksonfeet, India's pioneering running community since 2019.

  • Developed and delivered running-related content to enhance runners' performance, encompassing technical insights and practical advice

  • Actively engaged in forming strategic collaborations with multiple brand sponsors

  • Achieved consistent monthly website traffic exceeding 100,000 viewers

  • Managed a successful podcast, "The World of Running," boasting over 340K+ unique downloads

Co-founded and growing Run Mechanics - a comprehensive Running Form Analysis through high-speed video, 3D IMU sensors and mobility assessment.

  • I am a certified gait assessor and have assessed 200+ runners in the studio and offline

  • Provide runners with their assessment report and brief them on how to focus on their immediate, mid, and long term goals

  • Building partnerships, to improve reach

On People Development

I'm passionate to make people successful across cultures with data driven initiatives. Some of my work includes:

  • Identifying and hiring talent within and outside the company

  • Creating a performance culture by building tangible goals, and breaking them into milestones

  • Creating an environment of continuous conversation between managers and teams

  • Development of learning modules from onboarding to leadership development

  • Develop compensation and benefits beneficial to various teams eg: pre-sales, sales, delivery

  • Built processes and guidelines and in turn brought organizational change